June 2, 2010

Hello. I'm Megan.

Yes, I'm new at this. However, I plan to use this as I head off to college this fall!

This is my family (I'm in the middle back):

Yup. We're related. Can't you tell?

Just to let you know about things, I just graduated and I'm going to attend Harding University this upcoming year and its getting close! I'm pretty pumped. I'm excited to be out on my own and see how things go. Technically I won't be completely on my own. Cara -Tim's future fiance(I guess thats how I should put it?)- will be there for a semester which should be fun! She can help me out till I get the hang of things.

There is just so much that there is to do this summer! I plan on applying to get a summer job at Wal-Mart this afternoon after church. :/ But it's money, right?

Hope to catch you up on more later. :)
Bye Cupcake.