December 10, 2010

Christmas is here! Christmas is here! Christmas is finally here... I've been waiting all year!

It's almost that time of year.
I feel like I've got more Christmas spirit this year than I have in a LOONG time.
It's wonderful. 

I do believe that Harding is the main reason for having this Christmas spirit.
They just make it special. :)

Ain't it pretty? :)
It would probably look better if I had a better camera.

Along with the lights, Harding will put on special events
with Christmas music, carriage rides, and lots of hot cocoa. :)
I even watched the first half of "It's a Wonderful Life".
I should probably finish it sometime soon.

I got a Christmas card from our ChiO beaux today. :)
Made my day.
Love them!

Along with all that Harding does to get me in the Christmas spirit,
I also have some awesome friends who celebrate the holidays with me!!
Elf, decorating Christmas cookies, and ChiO sisters.
Best. Time. Ever.

Here's just a summary of our process with our cookies. :)

The coolest looking cookies ever.
Delicious too. :)

Final product. Delicious.
And finally, our cutout cookies.

Roomies! (just thought I would add this in here)

Lauren's beautiful snowman cookie.
Lauren drawing my face on a cookie!
(That's supposed to be me)
Me and Lauren's cookies :)
Mere's stocking!
Our "cookie log"... yeah... looks like pizza.
So we just made a cookie monster :)

Agh. So much fun.
Bye Cupcake.


  1. cookies look good...are you going to bring some home?