February 24, 2011

What I would give to have my own kitchen.

Oh man.
If only you knew how much I want my own kitchen right now.
I would make dinner every night.
Well maybe not EVERY night but I would make dinner A LOT.
I am so obsessed with recipes right now.
Living in a dorm is not helping me.

This summer I think I might just possible turn this into a cooking blog.
You know.
Cook things.
Blog about it. 
Share the recipes.
I wanna pull a Julie & Julia.
I would do this now but it's too much of a hassle in Stephen's kitchen.

Oh well.
If I do make something, though.
I will be sure to tell you about it. 

Look at this awesome cake sketch that I made in psychology.
I'm pretty proud of it.
Now only if I could make it. :)

THAT is when a kitchen would come in handy.
Oh well. Patience is key.

Bye Cupcake.


  1. bah ha ha ha ha....oh, sorry....cook every night? You can do that when you come home this summer! LOL! You will have your own kitchen soon enough and we will have to be calling you "Chef Megan". BTW, your picture is awesome!

  2. You could be an architect. Your drawing is pretty good. :)