June 24, 2011

McCurtain County

I don't think people seem to realize how unique McCurtain County can be.
And by unique I mean completely weird.
Yes I do love Idabel with all my heart...
Just not so much the people.

Tonight at my daily trip to the wonderful Wal-Mart of Idabel,
I realized...
every trip is the same.

I get there
immediately see someone I don't want to see,
try and hide before they notice me,
only to run into them somewhere else around town.

Ohh small towns.
At least there is always that one rare occasion when you do see someone
you actually want to see.
Those are the good days.

Well that is pretty much what is on my mind right now.
At least it's something new. :)
Bye Cupcake.

1 comment:

  1. remember that time I actually ran away from someone at walmart? rude, but completely necessary.