August 19, 2010

Never Thought This Day Would Come.

So. I'm here. FINALLY. 13 years of hard work finally pays off... to do even more work. But this is going to be the time of my life and I am ready to experience more than the awesome adventures of Idabel, Oklahoma. I know, its such an interesting town, right?

So here's my day:
Packed my bags.

Said "peace out". 

Mom cried.

Dad cried harder.
Said goodbye to the old place...
And said hello to the new.

I'm pretty sure that closet is bigger than mine.
(Sorry Kaylee, I can't find a place big enough to hang it yet!)

Well of course not everything is in its correct spot yet. We still have a few things to buy. I'm sure by the time classes actually start it will look awesome. :) I'm excited.
Sadly, I arrived late to registration so I wasn't able to make it this morning. So I have no idea what I'm doing. Hopefully I'm registering for Impact in the morning so I can get my t-shirt? My roomie said I get one and we're supposed to wear it tomorrow. Hopefully they give me one! 

Well thats it for today!
Bye Cupcake. 

Oh. And once I got here... I realized I probably have too many movies to keep in their cases. Should probably think about investing in a cd holder.


  1. Hey, Meggie! Your room is gonna be cute!! And, if you want, try hanging your memory board length-wise above your bed. Unless you have something else that is supposed to hang there. Just a thought! Wuv you!

    Randee Mac

  2. i love love love your room, also i enjoyed that your dad cried harder... hope that is true!