September 24, 2010

Geek in the Pink


So excited.

And guess who else I get to see!?
We're gonna party like there is no tomorrow.
Well, at least till 1... Because that is curfew. 

After a week full of mixers, tests, and loads of laundry, I need this weekend.
I had two mixers this week: Iota Chi and Chi Omega Pi.
For the Iota chi mixer, we had to dress up as rockers while the members wore nerdy outfits.
It was fun. met a lot of people. Not sure if it's for me though.
Chi Omega Pi, however, seemed to suit me very well. 
We dressed up as geeks. 
I seemed to relate more to the girls in this club.
I met like 5 girls who wanted to be a pastry chef.
Even met one who had their own "underground bakery" at Harding.
Awesome idea.

Well the third mixer for both of these groups aren't until the weekend after next.
I have yet to receive the invitations in the mail but I believe I am going to get them next week.
I'm pretty excited to see the theme for the next Chi Omega Pi mixer!

Thats it for now! 
Bye Cupcake.

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  1. so glad you are having a blast with new people. Have fun at the concert today with Kaylee!!!! I want to come and visit soon. Love ya!